Type: 14 young horses

Quabrillo HK Z

1. Quabrillo HK Z

Z approved brother to Commander HK Z!

Quabri de l'Isle x Emerald

°2019 Stallion Young horse

Eard Z

2. Eard Z

Speed in his veins, fire in his heart!

Emerald x Colman

°2018 Gelding Young horse

Amalia 111 Z

3. Amalia 111 Z

Top sport combined with the 111 top breeding!

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Echo van het Neerenbosch

°2017 Mare Young horse

Emerlino vh Schaarbroek Z

4. Emerlino vh Schaarbroek Z

Champion's blood!

Emerald x Cento Lano

°2017 Stallion Young horse

El Pachat 111 Z

5. El Pachat 111 Z

El Barone 111 quality and power combined!

El Barone 111 Z x Vigo d'Arsouilles

°2018 Gelding Young horse

Doerak V

6. Doerak V

Complete 6-yr-old with international results!

Dencognito V x VDL Corland

°2017 Gelding Young horse

Eliano V'T Merelsnest Z

7. Eliano V'T Merelsnest Z

Ready for the big sport!

Emerald x Argentinus

°2015 Gelding Young horse

Mastermind 111 Z

8. Mastermind 111 Z

Rideability combined with quality!

Shadowfax 111 x Action-Breaker

°2017 Gelding Young horse

Esmeralda HK Z

9. Esmeralda HK Z

When beauty and quality go hand in hand!

Emerald x Quadrillo

°2018 Mare Young horse

Lotto Indebus Z

10. Lotto Indebus Z

Scope never goes out of fashion!

Lamm de Fetan x Erco van 't Roosakker

°2017 Gelding Young horse


11. Fabulous

A girl's dream!

Cornet Obolensky x Clinton

°2015 Mare Young horse

My Hawk's Cujo

12. My Hawk's Cujo

Quality in the making!

Bravour x New Balance

°2017 Gelding Young horse

Daylight EM Z

13. Daylight EM Z

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Diamant de Semilly x Chellano Z

°2016 Gelding Young horse


14. Lugano

Magnificent blend of strength and elegance!

Carrera VDL x Goodwill

°2016 Gelding Young horse

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